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Memorial Day in San Diego

First started to honor the Union soldiers who died in the American Civil War, Memorial Day was extended after World War I to include all service men and women who died serving their country. So, mark your calendars for Sunday,

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Mother’s Day in San Diego

Show your mom just how much you care by treating her to the best food, natural wonders, and cultural events that San Diego has to offer. Mark your calendars for Sunday, May 8th, a special day to celebrate the joys

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Celebrate the Leap Year in Style – Spend Your Extra Day in San Diego

Celebrate leap year in San Diego

Leap year only comes every four years, keeping the modern Gregorian calendar in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the Sun. If you’re a leap year baby, February 29th, 2016 is the big day when you can finally celebrate your

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Insider’s Guide to a Gorgeous Weekend in La Jolla

Vacation in La Jolla, CA

The stunning La Jolla, California is a visually dramatic city defined by it’s coastline of rugged ocean bluffs and beaches, as well as scenic lookouts and hillside canyons. But, if you peer a little deeper into the city, you’ll find

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Extreme Adventures in San Diego

San Diego has something to offer everyone—from relaxing beaches to historical sites to extreme adventures. Even if you’re the most adventurous, thrill-seeking person you know, you can find a variety of exciting things to do in San Diego. Experience the

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Best Dinner Cruises in San Diego

Whether you’re a San Diego resident looking for a night out, or a visitor to this fine city who’s looking for an adventure, you will not be disappointed. Boasting some of the most beautiful sunsets, breathtaking views, and relaxing environments

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Best San Diego Beaches for Beginner Surfers

Attention rookie wave-riders: San Diego is home to more than a few ideal spots for anyone looking to get their feet wet (literally) in the sport of surfing. With a generally broad coastline and (mostly) predictable currents, San Diego is

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