Top 5 Yoga Studios in Mission Beach

Top 5 Yoga Studios in Mission Beach, San Diego, CA

If you’re on vacation in San Diego, don’t let your exercise regimen slip. Mission Beach has many popular yoga studios, offering beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. Each yoga studio offers different class packages, including one-time options. Plus, they are all just a short, easy walk, bicycle ride, or drive away from our vacation rentals in Mission Beach.

Indie Yoga


Enjoy a comfortable and soothing studio to grow your skills at Indie Yoga. The clean environment offers popular classes that blend physical alignment and core strength through Vinyasa classes. The fluid rhythm promotes a strong focus on heat to provide a positive and invigorating atmosphere surrounded by music, movement, and energy. Featuring numerous classes throughout the day, including weekends, there are classes available for all skill levels. There’s even a Surfer’s Flow course to dive deeper into your personal universe, which is perfect for surfers. For a greater challenge, the Hot Yoga course combines all 26 prescribed postures to gradually open the body to more advanced postures.

Spirit Yoga

spirit-yoga-san-diego-caSpirit Yoga invites you to enjoy a welcoming environment with a variety of music at the Vinyasa-based studio. Offering classes for all skill levels and special workshops, it’s ideal for both new and advanced students. Each class is led by a highly skilled instructor with numerous classes available throughout the day, including evening classes to accommodate all schedules. From your basic yoga classes to Heated Flow to de-stress during the day and the fun, creative Backlight Yoga, there’s a class that’s perfect for everyone.


scenic-yoga-san-diego-caScenicYoga allows you to take your passion for yoga outdoors to enjoy the beautiful Mission Beach weather. You’ll not only connect your body and mind, but you’ll connect with nature while you take a yoga class on the stunning beaches of San Diego. Start the day with an uplifting yoga class watching the sun rise, or end the day in relaxation watching the sunset over the ocean. With ScenicYoga, you aren’t just limited to the beaches. You can also take a yoga class while taking a hike or while visiting other amazing outdoor locations to truly enjoy your time exploring Mission Beach.

Reach Yoga

reach-yoga-san-diego-caWhether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, Reach Yoga offers classes for everyone to teach Vinyasa and sculpt. You’ll learn to flow your movements from one pose to the other and there’s also sculpt strengthen training classes available. You’ll transform your physical, emotional, and mental health to promote change, growth, and inspiration for peace. But, Reach Yoga does more than teach yoga. The instructors strive to help you reach your goals to achieve your maximum potential in life. The combination of music, breathing, and movement in the comfortable heated environment will help you achieve relaxation, rehabilitation, and alignment for an overall happier and healthier you.

San Diego Paddle Yoga

san-diego-paddle-yoga-mission-beach-caIf you’re looking to add some fun and a little uniqueness into your yoga routine, San Diego Paddle Yoga offers beginner and intermediate paddleboard yoga, as well as SUP yoga. There are even exciting glow in the dark night courses and a beach fit class to enjoy the beautiful outdoors while testing your yoga skills. The innovative and fun stand up paddleboard yoga allows you to practice your skills on a 12 foot paddleboard. No matter if you’re new to yoga or have advanced knowledge, you’ll have an amazing experience.

Whether you want to try something new or want to keep up your yoga routine while on vacation, Mission Beach has a yoga studio that’s perfect for you.

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