Extreme Adventures in San Diego

Extreme Adventures in San Diego

San Diego has something to offer everyone—from relaxing beaches to historical sites to extreme adventures. Even if you’re the most adventurous, thrill-seeking person you know, you can find a variety of exciting things to do in San Diego. Experience the thrill of a lifetime as you get an adrenaline rush and have unbeatable adventures in this fabulous city.

Mission Gorge Rock Climbing

For outdoor climbs right in the heart of San Diego, Mission Gorge is the place to go. The rock is golden Sierra granite, and although shorter, the climbs range from easier to more challenging. The surrounding area has several hiking trails as well, so you can have a full day full of outdoor adventures to satisfy both the calmer and more extreme sportsman.

Xtreme Adventures Exotic Autocross Challenge

In this adventure, you get to drive either a Ferrari or Lambourghini around a professional course with no worries about speeding or reckless driving accusations. You’ll get a professional instructor to be your co-pilot, and you can drive like you’ve always wanted to drive in a powerful and incredible car.

Torrey Pines Hang Gliding & Paragliding

One of the more popular extreme sports that’s popped up in recent years is paragliding, along with its sister sport, hang gliding. Torrey Pines Gliderport boasts the largest global tandem operation and has over 20 years of experience in tandem flying. After taking off, you’ll fly for about 20-25 minutes, directly over the breathtaking Torrey Pines coastal cliffs. A great view and an incredible rush—what more could you want?

Water-propelled Jetpack Flying at Mission Bay

If you’ve always wanted to fly with a jetpack, now’s your opportunity. Jetpack America is offering jetpack flying experiences for those adventure seekers at Mission Bay. Instructors will teach you how to take off, land, control your elevation, turn, and hover over the water, all the while getting a thrill of a lifetime and feeling like a superhero.

Swim with Wild Ocean Animals

For the true risk-taker and adventurer, an opportunity to swim with sharks is the chance of a lifetime. Tamer blue sharks and more aggressive mako sharks will swim around the cage that you’re in (or maybe not in!) and you can experience nature in a whole new way. If sharks are a little too intense for you, consider an animal encounter with sea lions and harbor seals, all the while keeping your eyes open for striped marlin, mola molas, whales, porpoise, and more!

Street Luging

While you may have to search pretty hard to find a way to go street luging in San Diego, it is a perfect option for the extreme adventurer. This sport has been growing in popularity a great deal, and it has even been a part of the famous X-Games in years past. Riding down huge hills on what is essentially a giant skateboard allows you to reach top speeds and gain a huge rush of adrenaline.

No matter what extreme adventure you choose to experience in San Diego, embrace your daring side and be bold as you take on new experiences and get the thrill of a lifetime!

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